Tea and Scones – and Cancer

It took travel to a different country and a few bouts with cancer to finally make me realize the importance of self-care, particularly as one who cares for others. We must fill up our cups if we want to feed others.

“[As physicians], we become skilled at self-abnegation. We ignore our full bladder to perform a spinal tap. We leave our lunch uneaten to see that next consult. We skip pumping breastmilk for our own child to tend to someone else’s.”

Read more in my latest post on KevinMD.com:

What cancer and teatime taught me about burnout

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  1. So wise! I think in a male dominated profession, at least historically, this overworking approach is not surprising, sadly. Patients lose by this approach,too. Men and women need to learn “human balance” in all things. I really believe sexist roles for both genders are part of the problem in our work and home lives.

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